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"The Gathering 2021"


 September 15-18, 2022

100 Robert Castles Ln

Prosperity, SC

For the umteenth year in a row, sweeps from SC, NC, and around the southeast and beyond, will ‘gather’ on Lake Murray S.C to learn, share, and relax. ‘The Gathering’ has become an annual S.C. Chimney Sweep Guild event historically hosted by late SCCSG member, Herb Fulmer (Clean Sweep Chimney Sweep). Designed to follow in the wake of the famous ‘Connemara’ get-togethers in North Augusta, SC hosted by the late "Lucky Dale" Meisinger, these sweep gatherings were started in the mid 1980’s and went into this century even after his death. Sweeps would come from all over to trade sooty war stories, and to learn about new and advanced techniques in chimney maintenance and repair technology.  Clean Sweep of Prosperity is proudly carrying on the tradition of hosting this event in Herb Fulmer’s honor.


PLEASE  go to  Facebook page The Gathering - a Tradition Like No Other 


or EMAIL either of the following email addresses



to register and let us know how many will be in your attending group. 



(This schedule is subject to change in regards to content and timing at any point before or during the event.)



PriorFire Retrofit brought to you by SaverSystems and Chris Prior


The Gathering Agenda

Thursday the 15th will be set up. 

All are welcome to come in and get set up with campers or tents and help us set up the event.  This is the fun relaxing day, the time to get your tents or campers up then sit back and drink some ice-cold beer (if that’s your thing) and catch up with fellow sweeps on what’s been going on.  (Sooty War Stories) 

Thursday Night:  Pizza Party

Pizza Blow out cooked in the Herb Fulmer Memorial Oven.  Once again our food  through out the event will be designed, coordinated  and served by Master Chef  Renee Brigman and it promises to satisfy all. 

Friday the 16th

7:30    Firearm Safety Meeting for Stump Hunt

 Gunny, Blume and Doty will host the gun safety meeting. 

(If you do not attend this meeting, you cannot participate in  the stump hunt)


7:30 -9:00   BREAKFAST - Country Sideboard

8:00 – 12:00   Stump Hunt

Tom has prepared a great event for us this year.  Last year we had chosen to go a bit smaller on the stump hunt.  Therefore, this year we are going to double up on the stump hunt this year.  Our average amount of ammo we use is 1800 rounds.  This year we will have 4-5000 rounds available.  Tom is bringing 15 or more guns.  (Mostly automatic, and of course the fifty cal) Personal weapons will be allowed, but under strict conditions.

Safety glasses and ear plugs are required. (These will be supplied, but suggest you bring your own) 

This will last till ‘bout lunchtime or when the ammo and binary explosives run out.

12:00.   LUNCH - Italian Festa


1:00-3:00  MF stove assembly with Jeremias Cass A chimney training.

 Tim Place with Lindemann chimney will be demonstrating how to assemble the MF stoves and redesign them to be freestanding or insert all with the same unit. 

 Then Jeremias venting systems will show us how to assemble their chimney system with the nifty clamp connections. (Looks like these chimneys will withstand a hurricane) 

Tim and the amazing folks at Lindemann will be donating the stove to the guild afterward and this will be offered at the benefit auction that evening.  

3:00-5:00    Business owners’ round table

 Any business owner who is interested is welcome to sit around and discuss important business items. On going discussion with successful Owner/Operators sharing information. 

3:00-5:00    The importance of a smoke guards with Blume and quick easy custom on sight builds. 

(For employees and anyone already over educated in business building)

Blume will  demonstrate how to construct   custom  smoke guards.  There are many applications where it is a great option instead of a complete overhaul.  A few simple items to carry on the truck/van to make a smoke guard far superior to the off the shelf  adjustable ones.

6:30   DINNER - German Fish Fry

8:30    Auction

What craziness will be available this year?  How much can you spend on a liner this year?  “The more you spend the better you feel” or so I’ve heard anyways.  But watch out for the solar powered flashlights. 

11:00   Is Quiet Time  every night.

You don’t have to be asleep, but  don’t let Buck talk too loudly.  He  as well as some others often need assistance with this task. 


Saturday the 17th

7:30-9:00   BREAKFAST - Big Country Blowout


8:00-12:00  Prior-fire retrofit install at a house in a customer’s home very near the island. 

The teacher will be Chris Prior and the many good folks at SaverSystems. As well as The one, The only Drew Stein and his great team at Chimspector.   With your help we will  also be dropping a liner,  and parging the smoke chamber

Prior-fire donated by SaverSystems, Liner from Copperfield, Chimney Cap by Carolina Chimney

12:00.  LUNCH - BBQ Extravaganza


1:00-5:00   Prior-fire retrofit class finish up 

6:00.  DINNER - Low Country Boil

8:30ish.  Fireworks!  On the lake!

These aren’t just any fireworks.  These are fireworks put on by Pyrotechnic Geniuses Buck Owens and Tom Doty.  Buck has been super excited this offseason planning for these fireworks he was able to find a really good sale and purchased a large number of fireworks this year.  So, even though, each year they are amazing, this year is going to be rememberable.  


Sunday     Wake up when you feel like it.  

8:00 - 11:00.  Come over to the kitchen and drink some good coffee and……

....enjoy BREAKFAST  - Country Brunch

mostly anything you'd like from food you didn’t eat over the last three days along with some fresh bacon and eggs to order. 

Help us break down and pack up to leave the island  -- if you have time.  

The most important thing about Sunday is to say goodbyes because it will be another whole year before we can do this again in 2023.




We would like to thank the following companies

that have provided sponsorships for this year's event.






National Chimney Supply

New England Chimney Supply


Owens Chimney Covers




Carolina Chimney Services









CVC Coaching


South Carolina Chimney Sweep Guild

If you would like to be a sponsor, please reach out to Ron Rust.

Text:  803-730-5858

Email:  tophatswp@aol.com



These ‘Gatherings’ have always been an event any sweep wanting to expand their professional and personal awareness should attend. Not only do the planned seminars offer a sweep new and insightful venues but much can be learned by just hanging out with one’s peers. The late and still great sweep Pete Luter is quoted as saying it all, “ It don’t get any better than this.”



Onsite tent camping is available.  Email renee@sweepstuff.com  or art.cleansweepchimneysc@gmail.com  with questions. 


Accommodations for tents and RV’s are also available at

     Dreher Island State Park (803-364-4152)

     Lake Murray Vacation Rentals (803-798-8559). 

Fishing cabins are available at River Winds Landing (803-364-0036). 

If something a little higher on the comfort level chain is desired, there are a variety of Hotels in Newberry, SC.



There is no cover charge/registration fee for this event, however, donations to help pay for the food expense can be made to the SCCSG and/or feel free to purchase liberally at our Annual Benefit Auction mentioned earlier.

Please go to the Facebook page The Gathering - A Tradition Like No Other


or email Renee (renee@sweepstuff.com) or Blume (blume357@bellsouth.net) know  if you are planning to come, when you plan to arrive, and how many will be in your party so that we can get a bead on the head count for meals.



These are directions if you are coming from South of Columbia, SC

Merge onto I-26 W toward Spartanburg.

Take the SC-773 exit, EXIT 82, toward Pomaria/Prosperity.

Turn left onto SC Highway 773/SC-773.

Turn right onto US Highway 76/US-76 W. Continue to follow US-76 W.

Turn left onto Elm St.

Turn right to stay on Elm St.

Take the 2nd left onto Pearl St.

Turn left to stay on McNeary St.

Turn slight left onto Ira Kinard Rd.

Ira Kinard Rd becomes Bonner Baxter Pl.

Turn right onto Robert Castles Ln. Then, go all the way to end of Robert Castles Ln, following Gathering Road signs.





The South Carolina Chimney Sweep Guild is an association of chimney service professionals. We promote chimney safety programs for the public while helping to promote our member companies as the best local resource to care for your home safety needs.

We promote training programs and educational seminars for our members, helping assure they meet the industry's highest professional standards.